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Our Client Testimonials

Ben & Vanessa

"Nicole was kind, supportive and knowledgeable in the run up to the wedding, she took away a lot of the things we were stressed about. 

On the day, Nicole was so helpful. We didn’t have to worry about anything, she sorted things out when they didn’t go to plan and suppliers were running late. She kept us calm and allowed us to have the best day possible!"

Shannan & Conor 

"Well what can I say!… what an absolutely amazing service.

By the time I found Nicole I booked most of the “big things” like vendors etc and found my dress! In my head everything was moving on nicely. Initially I was unsure of how helpful I would find it but I thought I’d take the plunge, as I knew at some point I’d find things overwhelming and my brain would turn to mush and I am so glad that I did!

I suffer with anxiety and as I say I knew at some point the anxiety would probably take over, but nicole is such a calming and lovely person and makes me feel so relaxed and also helps me feel validated in my feelings, thoughts and decision making! Which as you can imagine is difficult to balance when you’re the bride! as you are always so worried about what other people may say, how they may feel and worried about the wedding causing drama!

Which leads me onto my next point. The one thing I feel that I have loved the most about working with Nicole, given that I was already in deep with wedding planning, after my first meeting with Nicole I realised that I had let the wedding planning and budget take over ! And had forgotten actually what both my partner and I wanted from our wedding, and I had stopped thinking about the bigger picture!

Nicole helped me strip back down to what we wanted for our day, how we wanted to feel on the day and what our goal was and has been there every step of the way to make sure that we achieve this! And helped us make sure that the day is about US! She has been there to help me overcome any challenges or difficulties I have faced but not by giving me the answer but supported me to find the answer myself and find strategies on how to manage it moving forward.

My partner is a money/ budget man so he has loved the the support from Nicole around this and the spreadsheet she’s made for us to make sure we are on track! Me! Well I’m all about a to do list and Nicole did that for us! This has helped me stay on track with everything, not put anything off but also not get overwhelmed with everything I have to do either and has set me realistic and achievable timescales to do it in! I truly look forward to our meetings.

Nicole thank you so much for your help and support, I don’t know what I would have done without you!"

Our Bride Shannan and her groom Connor who use our total wedding support package
Hannah & Richard

"Nicole has been amazing at helping me get my planning under way for the wedding, she's helped me pull together a timeline that works for me. I know I would only get stressed a few months before the wedding because I'd leave the doing till then, Nicole's just helped me get things in order so I don't get stressed at all. I feel like she's just made the whole process feel less of a chore and more exciting!"

Our bride Hannah and her fiance Richard who use the wedding coaching service
Brittany & Michael

"Nic has been such a great support during my wedding planning! She is so so lovely and goes above and beyond to cater to your needs! She has helped me set goals and tasks, organise budgets and overcome problems.

Like most brides, I have never planned an event of this size before, so any difficulties I've faced she has been there to talk me through the options I have and strategize on how to move forward. It's been really nice to still be in full control of my planning, but knowing I have that extra helping hand when it comes to organising the finer details and sticking to a schedule. she has certainly kept me on track!!!

I would definitely recommend The Wedding Hand, especially if you're a scatter brain like me!

Thank you for all your help Nic"

Our bride using the Total Wedding Support package Brittany and fiance Michael getting engaged
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