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We thought we would compile some of the commonly asked questions of us to give you a hand to understand whether we can support you!


What can wedding coaching sessions focus on?

That is completely up to you and the struggles you are facing, here are some examples: 

  • Confusion over who to have as bridesmaids 

  • Stressed due to the wedding budget becoming unmanageable

  • Panic over public speaking

  • Overwhelmed with wedding dress options 

  • Not enough hours in the day and prioritising work-life and wedding planning

  • Your fiancé not getting involved

  • The list is endless


Is this only for people just engaged or just before their wedding day?

Absolutely not, whether you've been engaged a week, a year or your wedding is two weeks away, we will tailor the service to your needs and will support you to enjoy the remainder of the time you have planning the wedding.  


Can you coach anyone other than the brides or grooms?

Most definitely, if your mother is getting into a panic, or your father is worried about his speech, we can certainly support them overcome these challenges through coaching. You'll have these detailed in your contracts.


What if I change my mind after the first wedding coaching session?

Our first session together will be our free wedding discovery call, after this we will work through contracting, where you'll be set up to work with us for 3 months. After this, you are welcome to leave whenever you should so wish (though we will be very sad). If your wedding is less than 3 months away, we will amend the terms and contracts to fit your needs. We will work with you on reasonable terms, we're very friendly!


Do you only offer wedding coaching in the UK?

No! The Wedding Hand operates our bridal coaching and mentoring services internationally! Nicole may be able to do on the day wedding support abroad, there will be additional time and travel costs associated with this. 


What software do you use for the wedding plan and wedding budget?

We use, this is a great interactive project management software which we can tailor to suit your needs, your timeline, your wedding. You will be able to ask questions or for advice on specific tags by tagging Nicole directly and get quick responses. 

Nicole will also keep you prompted to make sure you are keeping up with the timeline and note if we need to make any amendments.

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