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The Wedding Hand Story

The story of The Wedding Hand and why our founder Nicole wants to help you create your stress-free dream wedding!  

Nicole & Mr D on their engagement

Why the Wedding Hand Started

Like most wedding planning businesses... it started with an engagement. After 6 years together, Mr D proposed on bonfire night in 2021.

Nicole being Nicole... booked the venue 6 weeks later, and then the rest all fell into place. Planning the wedding was a magical experience, though admittedly, errors were made and there was certainly moments of wedding stress! 

The wedding itself was just perfect in every way.

After hearing horror stories from friends and family of how stressful their wedding planning experience was, Nicole wanted to give couples the tools and support they need to enjoy the whole experience... and so, The Wedding Hand was born.

Nicole's Background

Outside of The Wedding Hand, Nicole is an experienced project & events manager, focused on helping charities deliver on mission aligned events and programmes, on a tight budget!

Nicole's experience will give you the support you need to develop your wedding plans and budget, to enable you to have the wedding of your dreams, without the wedding stress.

Nicole and her coffee
Nicole 'working'

Nicole's Training

Nicole's first degree was in Management with Chinese studies, which has given her an in-depth understanding of how to consider other cultures, Nicole will be able to support with weddings of all cultures and in all countries. 

As a qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner, Nicole has an in-depth understanding of the concept of managing the tasks and deadlines involved in planning your wedding. 


Nicole is currently training with the Coaching Academy to receive an accredited diploma in life coaching to further support the coaching sessions which you will receive.

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