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Wedding Coaching

The Wedding Hand will support you in your sessions to enjoy planning your wedding. We will work through wedding challenges which you are facing and find a solution that is right for you.

Your wedding, your way, planned by you.

Nicole our wedding coach expert

What is included in the Wedding Coaching Sessions?

You can choose a single session or multiple sessions depending on your time, challenges and budget. ​

In planning your wedding, the most important thing is that you make the right decisions for you, and that you are able to overcome challenges you face through considering all the options on the table. Wedding coaching allows us to explore all the options you have on the table and find the solution that will make the difference to you having a stress free wedding planning journey.

Each session we will take a step to move you closer to that dream of yours. You’ll bring what you’re struggling with and we will explore that issue, understand what it is and why it exists and then create a strategy to overcome that goal.

The Benefits

Gain confidence

Are you worried about telling a supplier you've gone with someone else? Are you feeling pressured to invite someone you don't want at your wedding? 


Through a series of thought provoking questions, we will discover the solutions to your challenges, and built your confidence to take action. You will be at the heart of the decisions you make and realise you have confidence you did not know you had! 

Work towards your perfect wedding day

Do you keep changing your plans? Are you getting overwhelmed with wedding planning?

In our first session we will visualise your dream wedding and planning journey. This will formulate our journey together, and be the foundation of all of your stress-free planning, and wedding decision making. We will make sure this is what you make your decisions based on so that you have the wedding of your dreams, not someone else's. 

No Judgement

Do you have thoughts in your mind you want to share, but don't have a trusted person to share them with?

We will not judge a single word that leaves your mouth. Our wedding coaching sessions are a confidential, judgement free zone. You can bring anything to the table and not need to worry that you are being silly, or a bridezilla. These terms do not exist in The Wedding Hand, you deserve the wedding of your dreams. 

Our Prices

Prices start at just £40 per session!

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