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Total Wedding Support

The Wedding Hand will support you through the journey of wedding planning, making sure that you enjoy planning your wedding. The Wedding Hand promises to be there to support you to keep on track with your wedding planning tasks, keep you aware of your wedding budget and support you to overcome wedding challenges.

Your wedding, your way, planned by you.

Wedding day coach expert Nicole

What is included in the Total Wedding Support Package?

Monthly 70-minute coaching & planning sessions 

Two 90-minute initial set-up meetings

An interactive wedding task plan, designed with you in mind

A personalised budget tracker, built to your budget & suppliers

Access to 24/7 Q&A support

The Benefits

Build your confidence

Are you struggling to tell someone they aren't invited to your wedding? or can you not find it within yourself to tell your mum you want something different?


Find your inner confidence through coaching and mentoring. We will encourage and support you to find answers you did not know you had, and make decisions with you at the heart of it all, to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. 

Work towards your perfect wedding day

Do you keep putting others first in planning your wedding? Are you getting stressed planning your wedding?

Before we do anything else, we will work together to define what your dream for planning your wedding is. This will be central to all the work we do together and we will not deviate unless you change your dream. You are at the heart of the decisions you make and should be enjoying stress-free wedding planning. 

This will be available on your wedding planning site on for you to keep in mind. We will make sure that you are keep this wonderful goal in mind throughout your planning journey.

Manage your priorities

Are you struggling to balance work-life and wedding planning? Are you unsure whether to spend money on the meal or accommodation?

We will define your wedding priorities and we will work together to keep these priorities central to your wedding planning. We will keep these in mind as we work through challenges which you may face.


These will also be considered when we design your wedding task plan, your social and work life matter, and they will be considered when we design your wedding task planner. 

Realise your potential

Are you not experienced in wedding planning? Do you not know where to start with wedding planning?

No matter your experience, you will gain new skills and find skills you never knew you had. You are going to be an expert stress-free wedding planner by the end of our time together! 

Expert Support 

Nicole is an expert in planning events, delivering to a tight budget and delivering to time. Her experience and support is invaluable in helping you to plan your wedding. 

But the most important thing is that Nicole cares about every individual she works with, and so support you plan your wedding will be a priority. She does not want to take over, or take the reigns or give advice you don't need, her expertise and friendliness allows for you to get the right support for you, whilst keeping control of planning your wedding. 

Our Prices

Just £45 per month with a set-up fee!

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