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How do I coordinate wedding suppliers on my wedding day and reduce my wedding stress?

Coordinating all the many suppliers for your wedding day can be undoubtedly stressful and complex. At The Wedding Hand, we're here to guide you, not with conventional wedding advice, but to help you realise your potential, unlock your wedding planning skills, and ensure you design and have your dream wedding!

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Our Wedding Cake from Lulu in Mullingar

Before we dive into wedding supplier tips, let's start with a quick activity to assess your skills in managing relationships and effective communication. This will come in handy during your wedding planning journey.

Managing Wedding Suppliers on Your Wedding Day

Managing wedding suppliers on your big day can be a bit of a juggling act. It's crucial to remember that you and your partner matter more than anyone else on this special day.

Think of a time when you have effectively delegated t

asks or asked someone to do something for you (in work or personal life).

What was this task or tasks?

What was the reason you chose to delegate?

How did you delegate? Did you email, text, in person, a mix?

What was the outcome of this delegation?

What worked well in your delegation? What made it so effective?

If you could redo the scenario, what would you do differently?

Take a moment now to reflect on the skills you used, the people you leaned on, what works well for you, these will be invaluable in your wedding planning journey and will definitely reduce your wedding stress.

Unlock Your Potential for Your Dream Wedding

Now that you’ve reflected on your existing skills, you will have realised that your potential is endless, you are amazing and you can plan your dream wedding.

What are the top three things you are going to do with communicating and coordinating your wedding suppliers based on what you learnt from this exercise?

Tips for Coordinating Wedding Suppliers on Your Wedding Day

Now you know what skills you already have, here’s a few extra things to consider when you are managing your wedding supplier comms and your wedding supplier coordination on your wedding day.

Tip 1: Delegate Wedding Supplier Coordination

Don't hesitate to ask bridesmaids and groomsmen (and anyone else) for support with coordinating your wedding suppliers. Ensure they have the supplier's contact details and responsibilities. If it’s important to you, bring them into the final meeting with the supplier, it will ease your concerns on your wedding day.

Tip 2: Plan Payment to Your Wedding Suppliers

Arrange how you will pay each supplier before your wedding day. Bring cash for any additional costs and have a trusted person act as your wedding accountant for the day, you could even use your wedding bank account on the day to get the accountant to do transfers. Just remember this should not be a wedding stress on your wedding day.

Tip 3: Trust Your Wedding Suppliers

Remember, you hired them for their expertise. Trust them to do their best for you. If you can trust, your stress levels will come down.

Tip 4: Communicate with Your Wedding Suppliers

Clearly communicate your expectations and priorities. Focus on what matters most to you. Check out our blog ‘How to Effectively Communicate with Wedding Suppliers’ for more information on this.

Tip 5: Use The Wedding Hand

We can support you on the day, not just with coordinating your suppliers but also coaching you to enjoy your day stress-free. Quote this blog for a 30% discount on our On The Day Support package.

With these effective strategies, you can manage wedding stress and ensure seamless coordination with your wedding suppliers. Your dream wedding is within reach!

meme the possibilities are endless
The Possibilities are Endless!

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