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How to communicate effectively with wedding suppliers and reduce your stress

Wedding planning can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. One of the best ways to reduce wedding stress is to communicate effectively with your wedding suppliers. At The Wedding Hand, we're here to empower you to find your unique solutions before providing practical tips!

Reflecting on effective communication

Think back to a time when you communicated effectively with someone, whether in your professional or personal life. Consider the means of communication you used - phone, in person, email, or a mix. What worked well in that situation? Reflect on your communication style, tone, and how the other person responded. What would you do again and what would you change?

Communicating with your wedding suppliers

Reflect on what you want to get out of your next conversation with your suppliers. Take a moment to decide on what skills, communication type, and tone you’re going to use with your suppliers.

How to effectively communicate with wedding suppliers

As you plan your wedding, effective communication with your wedding suppliers is paramount to reducing stress. Here's how to ensure smooth communication:

Tip 1: Set Up Effective Communication Channels

Prior to delving into the details, meet with your wedding suppliers to understand their preferred communication methods, working hours, meeting frequency, and timelines. Share your needs and expectations to align effectively.

Tip 2: Be Clear and Concise

Be clear and concise in your communication. Wedding suppliers are busy people, so they appreciate it when you get to the point quickly and clearly.

Tip 3: Follow up Promptly

If you have a question or a request, don't wait to get in touch with your supplier. The sooner you follow up, the sooner you'll get a response.

Tip 4: Share What You Care About

Communicate specific details that matter to you. Whether it's seating arrangements, specific photographs, or flower arrangements, share your preferences with your suppliers. They rely on your input to deliver your dream wedding.

Tip 5: Write it Down

While in-person discussions are valuable, ensure that your supplier provides a written summary of your discussions. Alternatively, take notes and send them to yourself. This helps maintain clarity and accountability.

Nicole on her menu tasting day at Boyne Hill House
Our Menu Tasting Day - Easiest Way to Reduce Stress!

Tip 6: Adapt to Changes

Wedding plans can change. If you modify your preferences, communicate these changes to your supplier. Be open to negotiation and understand their capabilities, especially as the wedding day approaches.

Tip 7: Be Patient

Wedding suppliers are dedicated but busy individuals. Understand that they have multiple weddings to manage, yours will be a priority on your wedding day. Be patient and maintain a positive working relationship.

Tip 8: Trust Your Wedding Suppliers

You chose your suppliers for their expertise; trust them to excel in their roles.

In Need of Assistance?

If you encounter challenges with a wedding supplier that you can’t overcome, reference this blog for a free wedding coaching session.

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