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Overcoming Your Last Minute Wedding Stress and Enjoy Your Special Day

It’s a few short weeks…. And you’ll be married. But you feel like you have so much to do, you are overwhelmed and just not enjoying what you thought would be the best time of your life.


You’re not on your own, lots of brides and grooms feel the same way as they get closer to their wedding day.


How do you overcome the last minute wedding planning stresses?


Well firstly, The Wedding Hand can support with getting your brain in order with prioritising, those last-minute bits and to take that weight off you on the day by being there to support the smooth running of the day (had to get a plug in somewhere).


Here are a few tips of what you can do to take away that wedding stress.


Find out what it is that's causing your wedding stress

Firstly, answer the question… What are the things stressing you out?


Is your stress simply that you have a lot on your plate? Is it a mixture of having to work alongside planning your wedding? Is it that you just don’t really know what you need to do?


Don’t say it’s just everything, try and be specific, nail down what your root cause of the stress is.


Create a plan for reducing your wedding planning stress

Once you’ve worked out what your issue is, you will be able to find a solution. A few things to consider:


1.     If it’s finding the time, our blog on striking that balance will be a helpful tool.

2.     If it’s that you don’t know what you need to do, get a checklist together. Here’s one you can have for free, enjoy that feeling of ticking everything off!!

3.     If it’s that you have too much on your plate, write it all down… and have a look below.


Prioritise what matters most to you

A useful tool is the Eisenhower’s Urgent/ Important Matrix, this will help you to prioritise what matters to you.


So what does important and urgent mean?

  • Important activities have an outcome that leads to you ensuring that you are able to have the wedding of your dreams.

  • Urgent activities demand immediate attention, and are usually associated with achieving someone else's goals. They are often the ones we concentrate on and they demand attention because the consequences of not dealing with them are immediate.

Now categorise the actions you have to do, and get calendarising.


Wedding task prioritising

A few additional tips for prioritising:

1.    Use your annual leave wisely

2.    Use your calendar, and colour code! Block out what you are doing and when.

3.    Plan for the unexpected, keep time available for dealing with things you didn’t expect.

4.    Plan to have YOU time, whether that’s a Netflix night, a few days at the gym or going for a walk, it’s equally important.

Enjoy the last few weeks of being engaged!

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